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That mid-spanking tease before you catch her attention with a hard whack…


That mid-spanking tease before you catch her attention with a hard whack…

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I wanna be your O friend 

Oh yeah!  ♥

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How to Guide: Going Down on a Guy



Seeing as we’ve got some good feedback from the other how to, I thought I’d do one for giving blow jobs too.

#1 Communicate with your partner! Seriously, let them know what you do and don’t like doing/receiving respectively, some people don’t like being face fucked, some people do, and that’s cool so long as you know. Also, do this with a condom if you don’t know their sexual health status as you can get STIs from oral. 

#2 Start by gently caressing him until he’s hard, or gently run your hand up and down his length if he is. Give him eye contact frequently. 

#3 Play with his balls with one hand and stroke his penis with the other.

#4 Continue to play with his balls and lick from the base to the tip of his penis on each side to coat his dick with saliva. 

#5 Get your mouth watering because lots of saliva is best. Seriously, lots. Make it slippery. (I was really self conscious to begin with and didn’t want to drool everywhere, but trust me they don’t care. Plus it feels so much better for both of you with lots of saliva.)

#6 Slide your mouth over his head (if he has a foreskin, gently pull it down as or before you do this) and allow the saliva to run down, circle your tongue around his head. Then slide your mouth down his dick, as far as you want to go and then back up, pressing your lips together as you slide back over the head. 

#7 Tip for people already proficient at giving head, at this point, use one hand to grip around the tip of his penis and slide it down tightly following with your mouth. Use your hand almost like an extension of your mouth. Once you master that, experiment with putting in a little twisting motion as you slide over his head in both directions. 

#8 When bobbing up and down on his dick, press your tongue against him, swirl it, flick it, try out different things and see what he likes best.

#9 Avoid getting your teeth in the way unless he asks for it!And if you do, lightly graze them up the shaft of his penis but stop before the head as it is very sensitive.

#10 You don’t have to let him cum in your mouth if you don’t want him to. Tell him this in advance and let him know where you want him to cum (on you, into a tissue etc). But if you don’t mind him cumming in your mouth, you also do not have to swallow if you don’t want to. Spit it out into a tissue/sink and rinse out your mouth if you need, no one will care if it’s “not as sexy” cause you just gave them an awesome blow job so they’ll be happy. 

Here’s some other helpful resources. Have fun giving head!  ~Alice




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